Fall is here!

It finally feels like fall here in VA! The trees are gorgeous with all the beautiful foliage views. Breathtaking. Simply breathtaking! Ya'll know I like color, so in honor of autumn, I'll be sharing with you some juicy recipes with an ombre of beautiful fall colors :)


Beet Magic

Let's start with one of my favorite juices!! A magenta-red fusion of sweetness ;)


-2 large beets

-5 apples

-2 Bosc pears

-thumb of ginger


place all ingredients in a juicer and that's it!

tip: sprinkle in some cinnamon and oh my goodness, your tastebuds will love ya even more! ;)

Get ready to taste some serious sweetness. It blows my mind every time I make this juice, lol!


Tumeric Carrot Juice

Next, let's drink something orange-y. With no oranges, lol! It's potently nutritious with just 2 ingredients.


-bag of carrots (5 lbs)

-thumb of tumeric


place ingredients in a juicer and that's it!

Get that beta-carotene and curcumin :) and enjoy that antioxidant benefit!


Orange-Basil LovE

Now for a delicious combo, a sweet and fragrant juice blend:


7 oranges

2 tangerines

small handful of basil


Juice the oranges with a citrus juicer

and then blend with basil.

tip: try other herbs, too! Instead of basil you can try rosemary, mint, parsley, anything you'd like :)


Green Pineapple Juice

Last, but not least, it's that oh so glorious green juice!!! So sweet, yet nutritious ;)


-5 large kale leaves

-2 huge handfuls of spinach

-bunch of cilantro

-one pineapple

-one lemon with only a little bit of the rind


Place ingredients in a juicer and that's it!

Don't let the green scare you. Combining greens with sweet fruits makes consuming them so enjoyable!

Hope ya'll try some of these different combos, or better yet, have fun discovering recipes that you like ;)

Have an amazing day sweeties! 'til next time :)

much love and peace,


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