Hola! and welcome back!! It's the last post of this rainbow series. Hope you guys have been enjoying it! We've been discussing the importance of eating the rainbow as it pertains to our health. Phytonutrients are the reason! They are nutrients only found in plants. Eating a variety of plant-based foods assures you that you are obtaining a variety of antioxidants and nutrients for optimal health.

Today, we'll be learning about purple foods!!!! I'm amazed how food can be purple. Truly. It is a gorgeous color! Let's dig in.

Anthocyanins are found in purple foods. They are also found in blue foods, which you can read about in the previous post :) This phytonutrient has health-promoting chemicals that protect and even heal our bodies! They promote eye and heart health and decrease the proliferation of cancer cells. Amazing!

Purple potatoes!!! I love love love potatoes! Eating purple potatoes is the coolest thing ever. They come from South America, particularly Bolivia and Peru, where purple potatoes were considered food of the gods, as it was consumed by Incan kings. Now we can find purple varieties in the US, yay! So be royal and eat some colored potatoes :) Interestingly, potatoes with the darkest colors have four times the antioxidant properties than other potatoes. They also have other important nutrients such as complex carbohydrates, potassium, vitamin C, folic acid and iron.

Resveratrol is another amazing phytonutrient! It is found in purple grapes and are great for out heart! They protect the endothelial lining of our arteries, which allows our blood to flow smoothly. It also reduces oxidative stress, which prevents the premature damage of our cells.

Beets! I know, I know...not many people like them. Try the beet juice below and maybe I can change your mind! They are so so healthy for you! Beet roots have a unique source of betalain, which helps lower blood pressure, fight cancer and inflammation, boost your stamina ;), and supports detoxification. Furthermore, they naturally contain nitrite that is converted to nitric oxide, which improves blood flow, thus enhancing exercise performance. Mmm-hmm!



purple plate

serves 2


-2 cups small purple potatoes

-2 purple yams

For cauliflower "rice"

-1/2 head purple cabbage

-bunch of parsley

-1 small cucumber

-small bunch of mint

-zest of 1/2 lemon

Dressing: blend juice of 1 orange, juice of 1 lemon, 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of garlic powder, small thumb fresh ginger grated, pinch pink Himalayan salt


1. Steam potatoes for 20-30 minutes

2. In a food processor, pulse cauliflower. Mix it with slices of cucumber, parsley, mint, and lemon zest. Pour dressing over rice mixture.

3. Serve with potatoes and peanut sauce. Click here for recipe (I used to blog on that website when I was in graduate school, but never continued it until now with this new website!)

This peanut sauce is to die for!! It's like ketchup and fries, but 100% more delicious! You don't have to include the soy sauce in the recipe, the less sodium, the better, ya dig?! ;) It tastes just as good without it.

purple juice


1/3 purple cabbage

3 fuji apples

1-2 cups of coconut water


Juice cabbage and the apples. Mix with coconut water.

Cabbage juice is bitter by itself, but mixing it with sweet juices makes it yummy! If it is too strong for you at first, try juicing less cabbage :)

maroon juice

(my favorite one!)


2 beets

3-4 fuji apples

3 oranges

thumb of ginger

1 cinnamon


Juice ingredients above and mix with cinnamon


I hope I have inspired you guys to eat a variety of plant-based foods! Have fun when you go out to markets to buy your produce. It's one of my favorite things to do! Discovering the variety of veggies and fruits and the endless combinations you can make with them can be so enjoyable. All you need is a little creativity :) Choose vegetables and fruits that are all the colors of the rainbow, as they are the only foods on our sweet earth that give us phytonutrients.

So summarize, these foods have antioxidant properties that protect us from cell damage. By consuming them, we strengthen our immune system, decrease our risk of cancer, thus giving us vitality!

Until next time! Remember to surround yourself with color, for it's beauty is mesmerizing!

much love and peace,


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