Hello! and welcome back to this rainbow food series! Let's talk about what nutrients are found in green foods!

Green is life?! Wouldn't you agree?! When I see spring coming and everything turns green, I get so giddy because life seems vibrant with all of what nature has to offer us. The wonderful thing is that green is all around us, especially in food!

Let's begin!

Our gorgeous animal friends like elephants, deer, rhinos, cows, horses, etc, all are herbivorous. Let's get something straight...meat does not equate to strength, size or muscle. On the contrary, a plant-based diet gives us more strength and power, as nutrients (like protein) are being eaten right from the source :) However, it's not just eating any vegan food to obtain the wondrous benefits of a plant-based diet. One must eat a variety of colored foods that are whole, unprocessed, and fresh, if possible. Greens are an essential part of a plant-based healthy diet.

Green foods have nutritious phytonutrients (chemical compounds only found in plants) that can act as powerful antioxidants. They protect our body from toxins and boost our immune system.

All of these foods are rich in a green pigment called chlorophyll that acts as a detox agent in our bodies. Furthermore, greens are rich in minerals and vitamins that are all very important for the body's health. Some of these nutrients include calcium, folate, magnesium, potassium, and a variety of vitamins. They also have a very good amount of fiber and protein. In addition, green veggies help alkalize the body, which is essential to avoid disease. Diseases prevail in acidic bodies (bodies that consume many processed high-fat foods).

Cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, etc, have indoles that may have anticancer properties. Isothiocyanates, is also a powerful phytonutrient that stimulates enzymes in the liver, which assist the body in removing carcinogenic compounds. It cleans ya, so eat your greens!



dark green juice


head of kale

4 green apples

juice of 1 lime

small piece of lime peel

bunch of mint leaves

5 leaves of romaine lettuce

1/4 pineapple

1 zucchini

Instructions: place all ingredients in a juicer, and that's it!

light green juice


1 honeydew melon cut into chunks

bunch of mint leaves

Instructions: blend all ingredients until smooth!

Both of these juices are so so tasty!! The sweet but tangy taste of the dark green juice was amazing! The sweetness of the honeydew juice with the mint was HEAVENLY!! It's one of my favorite juices so far. The mint really adds a nice touch to both juices. Let me know if you make these :)

avocado treats!


-brown rice squares

-2 avocados

-any green toppings

you'd like to add

(asparagus, broccoli, parsley, oregano, cucumber, sprouts, pumpkin seeds, tomato

-other toppings: sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, salt to taste, lemon/lime juice


1.slice, chop, how every you desire your avocados

2. place any toppings you desire

3. sprinkle a tiny bit of salt and lemon and/or lime juice

tip: steam asparagus and broccoli for 5-10 minutes

Make this meal for a fulfilling snack, lunch, or when ever you want a bite! Experiment and find what combos you like. It's easy and fast! You can use toast or brown rice circles/squares, whatever you find ;) Be creative and enjoy the process of making your food artfully delicious!

Thank you guys for reading :)

Until next time!

much love and peace,


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